Understanding NVR in CCTV Systems: A Comprehensive Guide by FVS CCTV

Modern security requires robust and integrated systems. As the choices in security surveillance systems have multiplied, so has the complexity in selection. NVR and DVR stand at the forefront of this decision-making process. Let's break down the essentials of these systems to help you choose wisely.

The Essence of NVR in CCTV

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. This contemporary CCTV solution integrates perfectly with 6MP PoE H.265 NVRs.

Core Features of an NVR System:

  • Encoding & Processing: Data processing done at the camera level.
  • Remote Viewing & Storage: Offers both storage and remote access with PoE H.265 NVRs.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for IP cameras and integrates seamlessly with non-PoE H.265 NVRs.

NVR vs DVR: At a Glance

While NVR represents modern technology with systems like H.264 3MP NVRs, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) holds its ground as the traditional system tailored for analogue cameras.

System TypeDigital (IP cameras)Analogue
ConnectionWireless capabilitiesHard-wired
ImageryAdvanced, detailedStandard
Audio FeaturesAudio recording, smart functionalitiesNo audio support

Delving into the Technicalities: Connectivity and Cabling

Connectivity influences performance and ease of installation. Make sure to also check camera & DVR accessories for optimized performance.

DVR Systems:

  • Cables Used: Coaxial BNC cables.
  • Dual Cable Requirement: Needs separate power and video cable.
  • Design: Broad cables, not suitable for tight spaces.
  • Audio: Doesn't support audio transmission.

NVR Systems:

  • Cables Used: Ethernet cables.
  • Design: Slim, easy for routing and installation.
  • Cost: Affordable and easy to replace.
  • Audio-Video: Efficiently transmits both audio and video.

Making the Right Choice: NVR or DVR?


  • Modern Requirements: NVR caters to contemporary needs with advanced functionalities.
  • Existing Infrastructure: DVR fits places already wired for coaxial cables.
  • Budget: DVR can be more cost-effective.

At FVS CCTV, we're dedicated to ensuring you're equipped with the right knowledge to make an informed choice. Whether it's NVR, DVR, or any other security solution, we're here to assist. The right system can enhance security manifold.